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Board of Auditors

Ningrum-Natasya-SiraitNingrum Natasya Sirait
Prof. Sirait has been working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of North Sumatera in Medan, Indonesia since 1989. Prof. Sirait obtained her Master’s degree from University of Wisconsin in the US in 1996 where her major field of study was economic law. She completed her Doctoral degree in 2003 with Dissertation in Competition Law, a newly introduced subject to the Indonesian law school. Prior to the completion of the PhD degree in law, she received Fulbright Scholarship to the US for completing the PhD research. Prof. Sirait has been inaugurated with tenure professorship at the University of North Sumatera in Medan, Indonesia. At present, she is a Program Secretary for PhD in Law Program at the Law Faculty. Prof. Sirait teaches several subjects at both undergrad and graduate school of law level, such as Competition Law, Contract Law, Corporation Law, Consumer Protection. Prof. Sirait has written extensive article in the area of Competition Law and several books concerning the same subject. The articles published in both national and international journals. Prof. Sirait has been a visiting researcher and scholar in Germany under DAAD scholarship and given talks in various international seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and Washington DC. Apart from being a law professor and teach, Prof. Sirait has been deeply involved with several activities outside the law school. She and her research team have been doing several researches for the purpose of both Legislative and Judicial reform movement. She leads the research team under collaboration with The Judicial Commission, EU and the British Council, Supreme Court, JICA, Bank of Indonesia and several others continuing work collaboration with PSHK etc.

Faisal-Basri,-MAFaisal Basri, MA
Faisal Basri has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia, having choosen academia as his profession since 1981, and a Chief Editor of Economic Policy Journal, which is published by Planning and Public Policy Graduate Program of the University of Indonesia. In April 2006 Faisal was appointed as the Head of External Monitoring Team for the Monitoring of Investment Policy by the Coordinat ing Minister of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. Mr. Basri was a Commissioner of the Supervisory Commission for Business Competition of the Republic of Indonesia (2000-06), a member of the Economic Assistant Team to the President in 2000, Rector of Perbanas Business School (1999-2003).
Between 1995 and 1998, Faisal Basri was the Head of the Department of Economic and Development Studies, Faculty of Economics of the University of Indonesia. Prior to this, he was the Director (1993-95) and associate Director of Research (1991-93) of the Institute for Economic and Social Reseach at the Faculty of Economics. Mr. Basri founded the National Mandate Party, where he served as the party’s first Secretary General and then the Deputy Chairman responsible for research and development. Thereafter he established the Indonesia Movement political organization. He has been Chairman of the National Council since its first Congress in 2004. Mr. Basri has act ively been involved in several NGOs and non-profit organizat ions. Obtaining his bachelor degree on economics at the University of Indonesia in 1985, Mr. Basri obtained his Master of Arts at Vandebilt University, USA, in 1988. Mr. Basri has written over 244 articles as a columnist in Kompas daily newspaper and a contributor to various printed media. In addition, he has been published in scientific journals, and has contributed to more than 67 book titles as author, co-authors, and editors. In his career as a researcher, he has produced 52 research reports, and presented hundreds of other papers at various national as well as international seminars. Mr. Basri has been confered many awards and scholarships, in acknowledgment of his accomplishments in academia as well as his efforts toward the betterment of Indonesian society. In 2005, he was lauded by the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Economics for his standing as a successful alumnus, and in 2003 was named the Anti-Corruption Warrior of the Year by Civil Proffessional Society.

Ricardo SimanjuntakRicardo Simanjuntak
Being advocate concentrating in Commercial Law, he graduated for his law degree from the University of Sumatra Utara (USU) and finished his Master degree in International Commercial Law from the University of Nottingham England, and now is the candidate Doctor in Business Law at the Padjajaran University Bandung. He also faced a short program course for International Private Law in Den-Haag and certified insurance practitioner from the Australia and New Zealand Institute (ANZIIF) Australia and Capital Market in Jakarta. He is the Chairman of the Indonesian Receiver and Administrator Association (AKPI), the Chairman of the International Affair Department of the Central Chairman Board (DPP) of the Indonesian Advocate Association, Vice Chairman of the Permanent Commission of International Economic Multilateral Corporation and International Trade of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN Indonesia), and also the lecturer for post graduate program.