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About ACI


It started with the idea of holding the first ASEAN Conference on Competition Law and Policy initiated by Prof.   Wolfgang Kartte, former President of Bundeskartellamt of Germany in the early years of  KPPU. The results of the conference held in Bali in March 2003, were to adopt the market economy among ASEAN, promote Competition Law and Policy along with the growth of the market, continue to organize similar conference on Competition Law and Policy and establish ASEAN Consultative Forum on Competition (ACFC) as a forum for a broad stakeholders (legal enforcers, policy makers, regulators, lawyers and business players). Initial plan to establish ASEAN Competition Institute (ACI) was discontinued because ASEAN Secretariat offered its office to serve as the Secretariat of ACFC. The second ASEAN Conference on Competition Law and Policy was held again in Bali in June 2006.

ACFC was ceased in 2007 when ASEAN Expert Group  on Competition (AEGC) was established.  AEGC groups only competition agencies and other relevant agencies where competition agency is not yet established.

The need to have a broad stakeholders forum remains and the idea to have an institute to organize the forum was revived when the first generation commissioners of KPPU support the idea.

ASEAN Competition Institute

ASEAN Competition Institute (ACI) was established on 4 August 2008 and has been duly legalized by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights on 11 November 2008.

ACI is an independent nonprofit institute established to provide (i) technical assistance to countries that are in the process of drafting or implementing competition laws and (ii) training for the officials and staff of the ASEAN competition agencies, policy makers and other stakeholders.

The need for an ASEAN COMPETITION INSTITUTE arises from a conjunction of several factors. The most important factor is that there is insufficient international training and technical assistance for all of the ASEAN countries that need assistance. In addition, the assistance that is available is often more relevant to western countries than it is to ASEAN transitional economies because it relies on national decision-reporting systems and expertise that do not yet exist in the ASEAN countries. Moreover, it seems likely that the ASEAN countries will be better served by a simpler, less expensive, more comprehensible set of competition rules than the rules developed in the west out of arcane and technical doctrinal disputes. ASEAN will benefit from developing its own technical assistance and training institution that will have as its primary and ongoing focus the development of competition law in the ASEAN region.


Soy-Martua-Pardede-217x300 Dr.-Syamsul-Maarif-248x300
Soy Martua Pardede Dr. Syamsul Maarif, SH, LLM. Kartini Muljadi, SH
Maulana-Ibrahim Rachmat-Gobel-204x300 Ningrum-Natasya-Sirait
Maulana Ibrahim
Rachmat Gobel Prof. Dr. Ningrum Natasya Sirait, SH, MLI
Ricardo Simanjuntak, SH, LLM Ir. M. Nawir Messi, MSc. 



Organizes  workshop or seminar, discussion and research  on general issues on Competition Law & Policy followed by deliberation of one or two key factors on drafting and implementation issues.


The Institute is a non-governmental agency established by former Commissioners and a Commissioner of KPPU and a supreme judge (in their personal capacity), academicians, businessmen, lawyers who have particular interest and expertise in promoting sound competition policy and fair competition law in Indonesia and the region.